I always knew there was a spiritual side to me. I always  KNEW with great intensity that we were not placed here on Earth by sheer accident. I also KNEW we were not alone in the Universe and that Earth is a mere speck upon a speck upon a speck in the scheme of things. I knew all of this from deep inside. I dabbled in different organized religions trying to find the answer. As they all had great messages of everlasting life and a loving God, I still didn’t feel I knew the entire story of why we were all really here.  It wasn’t until I started my own vision quests through prayer, meditations and solitude that I finally started to receive messages from a heavenly place. Miracles started to happen. I started to predict small events. I felt energies of people around me. I started to just “know” things.  I started to get messages of my past lives. I started to open myself up to an entire world of love and goodness.  And above all, my Spirit Guides told me that my real name is Idagi. This is not a name that I had ever heard of nor would have expected.   It was like the radio station was finally tuned in and I could hear the frequency loud and clear. I am now able to converse with my spirit guides as if they are sitting in the room with me. The entire Universe is unfolding before me and it’s very exciting. 

Because of this gift, I want to share with all of you the messages that I receive from the Universe and hope that you too will become enlightened as I have. I hope that you will find your Spirit Guides and the gifts that I have received. I want you to experience the love and joy that I have since the pathways opened for me. I wish you the entire Universe! 

Peace and love to all




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  1. This is awesome, look like what I have being feeling too, but still unable to connect with my spiritual guide and have no clue how I can do that. Inside me that is urge to help people, and why there is war give me concern. I appreciate you and your gift to man-kind.


    • It takes some time to clear your mind of all of the things that have been ingrained for so many years. You must mediate every day. Clear and quiet your mind from the day-to-day clutter. Ask for the universe to answer. I find the best time to meditate is just before you go to sleep at night or right after you are waking up. Your guides may be giving you messages now and you just aren’t realizing they are coming from your guides. Do you sometimes have that “gut” feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something? That is your intuition and your guides talking to you. The “urge” to help people is also your guides speaking to you. Some people actually see their guides through meditation. Some people feel their guides throughout their life. It depends upon the “deal” you made with your guides before you came here. Some guides are more hands on than others. Keep practicing. You will find it easier and easier to open the lines of communications. Believe! Peace and love to you, Idagi


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