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The Reason You Chose this Life


There’s a reason you chose Earth to live this life.  You chose exactly when to be here, as exactly who you are now, with those already in your life and those who soon will be: To be an example, to shine your light, and to give hope.

A message from my guides on May 25, 2016



The Third Eye – Window to the Universe


 Our Third eye

The third eye has been celebrated and revered for thousands of years as being the window to the soul. It is the 6th Chakra and is located on your forehead between and just above your physical eyes. Your third eye is your direct link to the Universe and the spiritual realm. When your Third Eye is open, you will be able to receive messages from the 4th dimension, the spirit world, your higher self, angels, your spirit guides, etc. You will be able to “know” things. You will obtain the abilities of clairvoyance. You may be able to predict future events with a fully open Third Eye. The Third Eye is powerful and part of our being. When your Third Eye is fully open, it’s like a veil, that has been over our eyes all of our life, has been lifted and we can see with a super power ability. You will obtain knowledge of your true identity and path.

We all have a Third Eye. However, for most people, the third eye is closed while awake and conscious.

The Third Eye is actually the work of the Pineal gland. This small pine cone shaped gland is located near the center of the brain and produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that regulates our wake and sleep patterns.

Dreams and your Brain

Did you know that while you are sleeping, your third eye (Pineal gland is working? This is called dreaming! We mostly ignore and forget our dreams. However, sometimes our dreams are vivid and real. Sometimes our dreams are frightening and chaotic! Sometimes we talk to our deceased loved ones in our dreams.

When we sleep, the outside world is completely shut out and we are now fully concentrated on the inner thoughts of our third eye and our inner being.

Have you had a dream that came true?

To fully activate your third eye and get it functioning while you are awake, takes time and daily meditation. While meditating, concentrate on the opening of your third eye. You can put on headphones with third eye binaural beats to help you achieve full concentration to your third eye.

Make sure that you surround yourself with white healing energy before every meditation. When your third eye opens you will start to see everything in the 4th dimension, and sometimes these visions can be frightening. Just know that you are completely protected by your spirit guides and nothing can harm you.

Also, don’t forget a healthy diet and to stay away from excessive amounts of fluoride as this has been scientifically proven to calcify the pineal gland, hindering its proper function.

I highly recommend that you research all articles regarding your Third Eye and your Pineal gland as these are very important to your spiritual and physical well-being.

  • When your Third Eye is open you will achieve
  • Intuition is increased
  • Psychic /Empathic Abilities
  • Lucid and Vivid Dreams
  • An Understanding of your true self and path
  • Astral Projection
  • Imagination and Creativity will be increased

The Gift of Meditation


To truly reach the frequency of the Universe, completely quiet your mind. Your mind is filled with so much. Think about all of the memories you have filed away and the millions of thoughts that go through your mind every second. Even when we are sleeping, our brains are busy taking us to alternate realities. Imagine your brain as a big screen TV. You are holding a remote and zipping through hundreds of channels at lightning speed with the volume up full blast!  This goes on and on until you hit the power button and turn your TV  OFF.  This is what you must do when you meditate. Sit quietly and look at that big blank screen with NOTHING showing. It’s quite. No noise. No pictures. Just stillness and quietness.  Once the crowd is gone from your mind, you now have room to let the spirit world IN.

Step one
Find a quite place to sit. You can lay down, but don’t fall asleep.  You can put on headphones and play meditation sounds or music.  I personally like the meditation tones (Binural beat). These tones put me into a meditative state fairly quickly, blocking out all outside noise such as sirens and barking dogs. My brain reacts to these beats nicely.

Step two
Set up an essential oil diffuser.  Bay Laurel essential oil is said to have the ability to open your mind to the spiritual world (third eye awakening). It worked for me!

Step three
Sometimes it helps to quietly say a mantra or visualize yourself walking along a mountain stream, beach or forest.  This will help you quiet your mind of day to day garbage and the to-do list that may drift in. The ultimate goal is to completely quiet the mind and let thoughts drift past like faint smoke until they are gone completely.

Step four
Once your mind is quiet, imagine your body is shielded with white positive light and healing energy. This is your protection against any dark energies and/or forces.  With love and joy in your heart, ask your guides to come forth. Don’t question yourself. Just fill your heart with intention and love.  They will come!

Meditate every single day for at least a half hour.  If you are unable to mediate on your own, seek a professional who does guided meditations. You will be pleased with the journey they will take you with your mind. A guided mediation will help you get started with your own meditation practice.

If your guides don’t come to you in your first or second mediation, that’s perfectly normal. Don’t quit! Make a journal of your meditative experience and review your journal later. One day, when you least expect it, you will get a visit from the 4th dimension – Your Spirit Guides or someone else from the spirit world.  It’s a wonderful and life-changing GIFT.  I PROMISE!

With ALL of my LOVE!