Are we Alone?


wordsfromtheuniverseOuter space is completely quite. Actually, quietness doesn’t exist in space because in order for there to be quiet, there would have to be noise in the first place. Noise doesn’t exist nor has it ever existed in space. Space is a void. On earth, there are 7 billion people, animals, insects, machines and gadgets of every sort making noise. A lot of NOISE. Earth may be the loudest planet in the galaxy, we don’t know for sure.

As we stress over our lives on this tiny blue ball and fight over politics, money, religion, resources among many other things, we lose sight of a bigger picture. Why are we here? Who are we really? Who made us and how did that source (God or…) come to be? The Universe is HUGE!

There are at least five hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. Astronomers estimate there are 100 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way.

To think that we are the only planet with living beings out of one hundred billion galaxies is a little arrogant and naive, don’t you think? Maybe there are planets just like Earth that are inhabited by beings just like us. Maybe, just like us, they don’t have the technology to leave their planets and explore others. Maybe, they are peaceful and aren’t all caught up in greed, egos and craziness. Maybe they are keepers of their planet and treat it with the utmost respect. Or, maybe they are worse than us.

Why would our creator make so many galaxies and planets and have only ONE inhabitable planet with intelligent beings?

Think of this when you are gazing at the stars tonight. Who else is out there? There has to be something!  Maybe???

The mind is like a parachute. It only works when its open.



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