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Why me?



landscape-mountains-nature-lake-largeWhy do bad things happen to us?

Why do we have such bad luck?  Why do only a chosen few get rich while others live in the most poverty stricken circumstances. Why are some people very lucky ? Well, I’m afraid this is part of the big play that we are in. We chose our parts to play on the stage called planet Earth. Each of us are born to play a specific role  and have a specific experience. If someone wins the lottery, they were meant to win the lottery. However, maybe part of their experience and lesson is to see how they deal with their new life. Will they help others with their new found winnings? Or, will they squander it all on frivolous items.

When something bad happens to you, don’t worry. We are living out a life in this dimension for a very very short time. Roll with the bad luck. If you are in pain, just know that the pain and struggle is very very temporary. Don’t fear anything. Know that all will pass and there will be good things in your life. Things have a balance.  Even people who are on this Earth in the most horrible conditions will have periods of joy. We are spirits living in human bodies to have  experiences.

My guides tell me time and time again that any suffering that I’m dealing with is part of the scenario that I chose. My free will dictates how I handle the matter and how I move on from it.

I hope you are moving on from your bad luck, learning from the experience and find joy.  Go outside and revel in nature.  We chose Earth because of its beauty. Go out and enjoy it while you are here!



The Reason You Chose this Life


There’s a reason you chose Earth to live this life.  You chose exactly when to be here, as exactly who you are now, with those already in your life and those who soon will be: To be an example, to shine your light, and to give hope.

A message from my guides on May 25, 2016



Are We Reincarnated Souls?


21 The World

Thanks to scientific research and other means, it has been proven time and time again that we are much more than our physical bodies. Thousands of people have been put under hypnosis and have described in detail their past lives and their life in the spirit world. Children have described in detail about living a past life. What is most  interesting, is that most everyone who has been put under hypnosis describe the exact same things in great detail about the spirit world – what goes on there, the processes, the teachings, their spirit guides and how they chose their next reincarnation.  The best book out there (in my opinion) is Journey of the Souls by Micheal Newton.   Newton is a psychologist who has put hundreds of people under deep hypnosis and has literally cracked the code into the spirit world.  This book should be on everyone’s bookshelves who are remotely interested in the concept of reincarnation.

1. The soul exists.

  • The soul isn’t just a myth or an illusion or a relic of pre-scientific superstition. All human beings are a combination of physical, mortal body and non-physical, immortal soul.

2. The soul evolves.

  • All souls are on a mission to evolve (grow, develop) through their own experiences and efforts.
  • By evolving, the soul grows from being a “beginner soul” to a highly advanced soul that involves into a master of sorts. This master soul, after eons of reincarnations will eventually become one with the Creator (the source of all of our being)

3. The Soul Reincarnates

  • For our souls to evolve and grow, we need to  experience all aspects of life. Through our reincarnations we live life as female, male, victim, perpetrator,  student and teacher. The more advanced we become in our lessons, the better our live are on Earth. Very advanced souls on Earth are people like Jesus, Mother Teresa, Gandhi.  These people are self-sacrificing for the better good of humanity. These are truly highly advanced souls.

4. The soul is pure energy and has no gender or race.

  • When we reincarnate, we chose the gender or race we want to be in order to learn a lesson. We chose to live in the jungle with a primitive tribe. We chose to live in a slum of a third world country. We chose all of these things and sometimes our lives here are cut short because of our lesson that we chose.

5. The soul reincarnates as human or other highly intelligent beings.

  • Our souls only reincarnate as intelligent  beings. We may have reincarnated in simpler forms eons ago, but we no longer do this now. We can’t evolve as souls if we reincarnate as a human, then reincarnate as a cat. It doesn’t work that way.
  • There are other worlds and we can reincarnate as beings on other planets or realms and dimensions. Again, these beings are intelligent and not of a simple life form.

6. We chose our lives.

  • We always are saddened when a baby dies shortly after birth, or someone is suddenly taken away by a tragic (sometimes freak) accident. As souls, we chose our lives and our death is either a lesson for us or we could be playing a role to teach a lesson for a loved one we left behind. We could be playing a role to teach a mother the grief of loss because her soul wanted to learn that lesson for some reason. We are ALL here for a reason to play a role. The role is a lesson for us or for others or a combination of both.  We do have the free will and how our lives play out isn’t quite exact on how our souls see it before reincarnation. This is all part of the lesson.

7. The law of Karma

  • There is cause and effect of our actions here on Earth. Souls are held accountable of acts of injustice. Its not a disciplinary system, it’s part of the lesson. Its like flunking a class and having to take it over, but the next time the class will be even harder and the teacher might be a little meaner!

 Other Notes

Souls do not normally reincarnate instantly after death. Usually there is a lengthy period between incarnations. During this time the soul, recuperates, considers the lessons learned from the last life, goes to “classes”  and plans the next journey.  Remember, there is no “time” in the spirit world.

If you have had many past lives then you are becoming an advanced soul and are nearing the end of your incarnation journeys.



Positive Communication Brings Positive Results


Be careful how you communicate with people today. Negative communication lowers your vibration bringing negative influences into your life. Positive communication brings your vibration to a higher level resulting in positive influences into your life.

Everything and everyone on earth is made up of molecules which are constantly vibrating at different frequencies. This is how everything was made and this is no accident. This is how God, the Universe and your guides speak to you. This is how you bring about influences and results to your life.

So today communicate with love, understanding and peace. These energies will come right back at you like a boomerang.

Peace and love to you all

Idagi (and guides)


Why You are Here


You are here for the journey.  You are here for the lessons. You are here for the thrill. You are here because it’s your soul destiny. You are here because you want to be. You are here because you are helping another soul with their lessons. You are here to develop. You are here to share love. You are here to share messages of hope. You are here to take care of the Earth. You are here because YOU ARE YOU!

With Everlasting Love to You