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Why me?



landscape-mountains-nature-lake-largeWhy do bad things happen to us?

Why do we have such bad luck?  Why do only a chosen few get rich while others live in the most poverty stricken circumstances. Why are some people very lucky ? Well, I’m afraid this is part of the big play that we are in. We chose our parts to play on the stage called planet Earth. Each of us are born to play a specific role  and have a specific experience. If someone wins the lottery, they were meant to win the lottery. However, maybe part of their experience and lesson is to see how they deal with their new life. Will they help others with their new found winnings? Or, will they squander it all on frivolous items.

When something bad happens to you, don’t worry. We are living out a life in this dimension for a very very short time. Roll with the bad luck. If you are in pain, just know that the pain and struggle is very very temporary. Don’t fear anything. Know that all will pass and there will be good things in your life. Things have a balance.  Even people who are on this Earth in the most horrible conditions will have periods of joy. We are spirits living in human bodies to have  experiences.

My guides tell me time and time again that any suffering that I’m dealing with is part of the scenario that I chose. My free will dictates how I handle the matter and how I move on from it.

I hope you are moving on from your bad luck, learning from the experience and find joy.  Go outside and revel in nature.  We chose Earth because of its beauty. Go out and enjoy it while you are here!



Fear of Death


I used to fear death. I used to fear the death of my loved ones. I’ve always questioned why some people die as children and some live to be 100 years. I always questioned my faith and God over this. I now know that death isn’t the end. It’s part of life.

Scientists have always said that everything on the planet including humans are made of energy. They have also said that energy cannot be destroyed. The energy and souls of the ones who leave the Earthly plane are in a different place.

I now celebrate the lives of my deceased loved ones. I have lost people very close to me and now I find peace in their passing and know they aren’t really “gone.” I think you know this deep inside too. It’s hard for us to continue our journey without them.

I believe that the death of a loved one and how we cope with it is part of our journey.

The untimely death of a person was/is part of theirs.

If you choose to grieve, or be happy, sad, angry or joyous, that is all part of YOUR journey and no one else’s.

Peace and much love to you,


Dealing with Unbelievers


When we are first wakened with spiritual enlightenment, we become filled with such excitement of our new found knowledge and gifts that we want to share these things  with the people we love. Sometimes, we feel compelled to “save them”.  Do not be surprised if you get negative responses from some of your friends,  family, spouses and partners.The  people closest to you may call you  crazy which can hurt your feelings.  Don’t be angry with them. Your new belief system may be a little too much for them all at once. People who haven’t awakened are set in their belief patterns that they have known their entire life. You can’t expect them to change overnight because YOU changed. Remember, you didn’t change overnight.  Don’t push your beliefs onto others.

Instead, quietly enjoy  your new found life. Accept your gifts of speaking to your Guides and the spirit world. Enjoy your new found enlightenment filled with love and light. If your friends and relatives are attentive, they will start to notice a change about you. You will be loving, patient, and filled with light. Continue on your path. Eventually your new life will rub off onto others. People aren’t going to be receptive until they are ready. The Universe makes the ultimate decision when people are ready for enlightenment. Until then, continue on your path and know that MANY have walked in your shoes.  We know what you are going through.  Welcome!

With Light and MUCH LOVE!