I have three Spirit Guides.

Oudaibos is a Master. This guide has an energy color of Purple.  I don’t hear much from him, but I do know he’s there guiding the others.

Friend is an advanced guide with an energy color of Blue.  His name cannot be pronounced or spelled in any human language. We have agreed to just call him Friend. Friend is always with me and truly is my dear friend! Blue is the energy color of a very advanced soul. He is a leader for sure!

Tunosmahdis is a soul that has an energy color of White.  The majority of souls have the energy color of White or Yellow. They gradually transition to shades of blue then purple as they progress in their lessons; eventually becoming Masters and beyond.  Tunosmahdis’s is currently reincarnated as a human on Earth, but part of her energy is still in the spirit world guiding me. She is kind of like “boots on the ground” and takes care of some of my most common tasks and concerns. She works alongside of Friend who helps her and takes over in more complicated issues.  I asked if she had a shorter nick-name but she is insistent I call her by her full name.

Most people have two to three guides.

I hope you get to know your guides!  They are pretty awesome!