I Went Home for Awhile


This is a message from your dearly departed

Rejoice, for I have made it HOME!  I’m back to the heavenly place where I was truly born.  It’s wonderful here and I’m back with all of my friends and family that I’ve traveled with for many-many years. I may have left you suddenly,  or I may have left you after a long illness. Know that my soul predetermined when I would come home. I know that it’s very difficult for you and  that you are shocked and dismayed by my passing.   Don’t be sad.  Be happy and celebrate that I’m home after my latest journey/adventure on Earth. You will be home with me one day  and we will see each other again. We may even travel again together.   Remember that I LOVE YOU and I’m always with you, even while you are still living without me on Earth. That old saying “we will see each other again” is absolutely TRUE!

Take comfort that I’m having the THE BEST TIME and that I’m extremely happy here. This is all part of the big plan and the entire reason why we live on Earth.  I know it’s going to be hard for you to live without me, but I want you to carry on with your journey. You have work to do and know that your guides and I will be with you every step of the way. You will hear me in the wind. You will hear  me in a song. You will just “know” that I’m with you.  When I came home, the transition was quick and I felt nothing but love and light. Earthly pain is absolutely GONE.  It’s all GOOD!  When it’s your turn to come home, I’ll be waiting with a HUGE smile! In the mean time, enjoy your life on Earth!  Have a big party!

Until we see each other again!



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