A Spiritual Life starts with LOVE



When the Universe finally opened up to me, I finally saw for myself what this life was all about. I took a good hard look at my past mistakes and thought how I learned from them. Then, I began to think about how I was going to move forward.  When starting on your spiritual journey, you will research, ask questions, pray, mediate and believe in yourself and higher powers like never before. We are all here to learn lessons. You will want to absorb as much information as you possibly can on your new found awakening. This is great, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Take baby steps. It’s all very simple.

Start with putting love in your heart.   Jesus Christ and other profits (highly evolved souls)  before and after him were/are sent to Earth as the ultimate messengers to teach humanity how to love. But, most of humanity is still struggling to accomplish this simple task.  Our first and foremost mission in life is to LOVE. This is where it starts.  Be nice. Be loving. Be forgiving. Be thoughtful. Love the planet and all it has to offer.  This is your start to a spiritual life.

Once you start here, the road is wide open to you.

All my LOVE and blessings to YOU


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