Spiritual Enlightenment


Humans reincarnate with amnesia. It seems cruel to not know our past lives and why we are here from the start. However, amnesia is necessary if we are to continue to grow and learn as spirit beings. Each of us has a journey we must take to further our enlightenment. It is the will of the creator (God) for all of us to ultimately live peaceful and rich lives but we must learn to do this time and again with each incarnation. We are challenged and tested every day we walk the Earth. Once you are aware that all of life on Earth is a game of free will and challenge  and that you chose this game before you were born,you will have so much more peace in your heart and mind. You will not be afraid of death. You will know that this life isn’t the end of all you are. You will live each day with happiness and worry will disappear.

There are many of us who have lived in the dark for most of our human lives until one day we “woke up” from our dream-state and realized who we really are. If you are one of these people, congratulations!  If you are just starting on your journey to realization of your higher self, please take note that you aren’t alone.

Strong Intuition Growth

Along with spiritual awareness and enlightenment comes an inner intuition that will become stronger and stronger each day.  This is your higher self awakening.  A portal to the universe is opening. A line of communication is now ready to transmit and receive. Some people call these psychic powers. However, this is misleading as not everyone will have extreme gifts of psychic abilities as others. You will know as you go through your journey how strong your abilities and communication channels will be. But, don’t be alarmed or discouraged if your abilities and communications aren’t strong at first. Not all people have these gifts immediately, and it takes time and practice to clear all of the human biological thoughts that have been crowding your mind for many years. Your intuition and communication will come gradually. There are not very many people who were born naturally with these lines of communication from birth. These souls are highly advanced and there aren’t many of them walking the earth.

Beware that many humans claiming to have powerful gifts and abilities to communicate with the spirit world might not really have these gifts to the extent that they claim, so be careful. Beware, there are many dark forces that may want to sway you down paths for a high profit. Humans with new and excited thoughts of spirituality can be prime targets for such dark forces.  Chose your human spiritual teachers wisely and don’t put yourself in a financial crisis. Remember, God is free. Talking to the spirit world  and your spirit guides is free. The Universe is listening and isn’t asking for your credit card number. I will explain further on to protect yourself and how to truly test the abilities of others in further messages.

Opening Your Mind

Once you become enlightened and open our mind to to the Universe and the possibilities of life beyond this dimension, you will get to personally know and speak to your spirit guides and other beings who reside in other dimensional planes. This is your journey and only you and your higher self know how you must proceed. Take your journey one step at a time and remember, your guides, angels and God are listening and answering your prayers and questions.

Peace and Love to You





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